Unisex Onesies For Adults

The ultra-soft and cuddly material of these unisex onesies for adults keeps your baby or toddler securely snug. The large range of baby and kid sizes means there is a style and design to suit every member of your family. Available in many different colours, these versatile costume accessories are both practical and attractive. The adult version features a range of different accessories to match including:

Cute and cuddly baby plus size onesies are available in black, brown, red and pink. The black version can be teamed with some simple tights and booties in the colour of your choice, or a sleek shirt and jumper. These versatile and durable items are machine washable, so they are ideal for guests and children alike. For a more subtle look, top them off with a short faux leather mini jacket or cardigan. They are also suitable for wearing during the cold months in the form of a thick comfy winter jacket and scarf.

The angel costume is one of the best selling plus size onesies for adults. The sexy little cuteness of this adorable and flirty outfit is sure to make any parent’s heart skip a beat. Wear as a sexy Christmas gift for your daughter or granddaughter, or use them as part of a winter party wear theme for the big day. Dress up your teen with one piece pajamas and a matching slip, or give your grownup a pair of unisex baby pajamas for a special occasion like his birthday.

Who says women have to stick to white or bright-colored garments this festive season? You can choose from an array of chic Christmas colours in the form of unisex baby pajamas. Pink, red and green are all favorites among moms and dads of babies. Combine these hues with a pretty pair of white Christmas boots for a sophisticated yet festive look that kids will love. Add a splash of colour with a pair of pink bunny rabbit ear clips or a pair of colourful socks – cute unisex onesies for adults!

Baby girls are treated to a range of beautiful soft baby onesie pajamas in a variety of pastel shades. Dots of colour adorn their soft bodies as they sleep in their baby costumes.. They’re also dressed up like fairy princesses for special occasions like christenings and birthdays. A soft pink mermaid dress is just the thing for this year’s baby girl costume. Add a matching plush toy for a charming touch and you have an instant set of adult party toys!

So what are you waiting for? Look for a soft and funky pair of white baby doll onesie pajamas for adults in your size or the ultra-soft and funky Silver Lilly Unisex Adult Pajamas – plush one piece cosplay costume, or maybe a classic white baby doll costume! Get dressed in your infant doll or adult costume and slip into the holiday spirit anytime of year with unisex baby doll and adult pajamas from Silver Lilly Unisex. Enjoy a glass of mulled wine, watch Santa Claus on DVD and scratch your heads as you try not to bump into the latest X-Men movie star – Professor Xavier. Relax with plush unisex baby doll or adult costume from Silver Lilly and get into the holiday spirit this holiday season!