Discussion on the Value Maintenance of the Rolex Watches

About watch “value”, it is a hot subject that many consumers love. The subject will naturally relate to rolex and patek philippe, and practically in terms of the total production, rolex watch brand is worthy the most value. Oddly enough, rolex annual output up to one million pieces, there are rarely high-profile limited production volume, how can it guarantee such a high price? This article simply have a chat about the value maintenance of the Rolex watches.

Before talking about this thing, firstly we talk about what is maintaining value. Maintaining value approximately has two meanings, one is the price in the exclusive store, if the price of the watch you buy today does not increase or decrease in the watch shop, then it keeps its value; The second is referring to whether the watch price in the secondary market is stable. If the maintaining value is equal to investment, and you want to make a point of oil and water to have some profit within it, it would be wrong. Watch, after all, is a lossy consumer goods, how can we expect to invest it?

Rolex on the two aspects of meaning are very successful, in terms of the price in the store, at the time of other brands are deceasing its price, rolex did not decrease and instead increase its price. The secondary market is the most precious, rolex for so many years, prices have been stable in a horizontal line. If a watch maintenance is good, there will be little difference between the selling price and the purchasing price, which means you are free to wear the Rolex watch, and it is very rare.

But not all the Rolex watches are valuable, and the golden Rolex mostly can keep the value, and the watches with special meaning or special material or movements can be valuable for a long time.