2014 Basel: Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Jewelry Watch

In the 2014 Basel Watch Fair, Patek Philippe rolled out a new woman watch– Twenty~4 Ref.4909/110. It is the multiple combination of inserting skills as its dial, case, bracelet and buckle are dotted with 1937 diamonds and sapphires. All those diamonds and sapphire are top ones which has perfect cutting and shapes, which contributes 43.37 carat. A vivid aquatic creatures is present to you with masters’ remarkable skills and novel ideas. The fishes made of sapphire seems to roam in the blue ocean. Just know the best watch replica site to buy this Patek Philippe watch online!

At two sides of the case which is made of 18k white gold and the bracelet give off the dazzling lights. Diamonds on the case are arranged in a fan-shaped. Every diamond is cut according to its shape in the fan. The front side of the bracelet and rectangular diamonds on the dial are processed with hidden-inserting techniques which is considered the most complicated insetting skills and also is considered the most dangerous skills in jewelry masters’ eyes. In order to keep all diamonds in the line and keep it from glaring strong lights, technicians must carve an indentation which corresponds to every clasp in the bracelet and case, and fix the diamonds with them. Those fixed diamonds and must strictly corresponds to the clasp and any deviation is not allowed. The whole process is a severe test to technician’s skills and professional knowledge. So after those complicated process, the picture we describe above is present before you.

The small fish is made of small and single egg-shaped sapphire and the rose gold is taken as the base of those sapphire. The big fishes are made of several bright sapphires that has great cutting and shapes and are fixed upon the rose gold base to shape the profile of fish and their scales. What’s more, 855 small diamonds on the bracelet can do the same effects (and they weighs 1.7 carat).