Replica Vacheron Constantin VS. Replica Breguet

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Contemporain Calibre 1731
Every brand has its special way to design a thin watch and Vacheron Constantin is one of best of those. When a bean shines on it and you will love it if you appreciate it by rotating it. 18k 5N pink gold case shines and every index, letter and mark is master’s delicate work. Malta imprint seems to tell the story of this traditional brand. A small second on the 8 o’clock, is the first time that appear in series of watches of Vacheron Constantin, which makes it obvious among others.

Through the case button we can clearly see the thin movement that is polished. It would take 4 years to make a movement and it just has 3.9 mm of height but with 65 hours power reserve. Although it is a little bit thicker than 3.28 mm movement invented in 1933, it is now still the thinnest movement.

Breguet5377 automatic winding tourbillon

It is a great challenge to making a super thin watch, but adding a tourbillon to it would be more difficult. Tourbillon, working in its own style, has played the visual dynamic arts to its best. After Breguet inserts a tourbillon in to a thinner watch, you will be amazed at this miracle.

swiss replica rolex As tourbillion needs certain space to work, so it could be considered a great challenge to the techniques since Breguet uses its advanced techniques to achieve that goal. In order to place this complex little machine into a thin movement and case, designer from Breguet place Automatic Tourbillon outside the movement to do bidirectional movement. So that could not only reduce the thickness, it also provide a precise time.

Looking back to thousands of years ago, people tell time by telling the location of sun and moon. Now we have so many chronograph tools with different types and functions. How a great achievement we have made.

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