Replica Rolex and Replica Vacheron Constantin – What to Choose?

Here will introduce the replica Rolex Sea-Dweller and Replica Vacheron Constantin 89000/000R-9655 for you to get more comparisons before making your purchase on which one to buy.

For the replica rolex watches, the replica Sea-Dweller has its debut in 1967 and has 610 meters of water-resistance depth, and increased to 1220 meters in 1978. It was specially designed for those pioneers that work in deep sea and people who wants to have adventurous experience in the deep sea. The most outstanding feature that appeared on Sea-Dweller is that helium-discharging thread which plays an important role in deep diving.

When it comes to the replica Vacheron Constantin 89000/000R-9655 is fitted with a Cal.226o movement which is an automatic movement made by Vacheron Constantin. It reaches 29.1 mm in terms of its diameter and 6.8 mm of its thickness of the movement. Although this is not a big-size movement, it consists of 231 components, which fully reflects its complication. In addition, 31 diamonds, served as an ornamentation as well as lubrication, are set on the movement to make the watch run smoothly. A constant rotating wheels in the dial make the watch more playful and a symbol of high class, due to its complicate techniques. swiss replica rolex When the Vacheron Constantin 89000/000R-9655 has its first debut in the watch fair, the movement with 14 days energy reserve immediately make it became the highlight. The rose gold and high-class polishing techniques also make it outstanding. The Malta crossing not only express Vacheron Constantin’s brand style, it also reflects its high-class and high-tech attribute.

What is worth mentioning is that the Vacheron Constantin 89000/000R-9655 as well as its movement, are the first one that get COSC certificate among other watches and movements among Vacheron Constantin. The movement consists of two parallel barrels and each one is made of two barrels in series, which makes barrels outputs its energy in a stable way. Furthermore, two barrels in series provides a 14 days power reserve, which is a great advantages.

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